Sasa Harland, director from the Netherlands, wanted to document his experience during one month experiment when he was fully given up on sugar and alcohol. You’ll see what kind of physical and psychological effect achieved.sashaBefore he started the experiment did a routine physical examination, where it was found to be in good health. He was told he would have to throw out all foods that contain sugar, which means almost all foods.

To overcome the dependence on sugar is not easy. First, our body goes through expulsion and detoxification. During the first week, Sasha felt mild fatigue and longed for sweet and savory snacks. Going out with friends or shopping in stores was a real torture. He could not find anything to drink except water. On the fourth day he felt hunger.

Just when he was about to give up, things began to change.


Explanation of nutritionists

He visited a nutritionist, Marlou Bosma, who had explained the benefits of healthy eating and the negative effects of sugar and alcohol to the body.

“Sweets force you to crave them more. Your blood sugar rises, insulin is produced and breaks it. Then again want candy, “she explained.

“Sugar destroys vitamins, and it brings you to fatigue. When you drink alcohol, you are dehydrated. A month without sweets, alcohol and canned food will make you feel better, “added Marlowe.

After talking with a nutritionist, Sasha decided to continue with his new diet and started to gain more power.

After 25 days he was able to fit the front of the camera and proudly for the first time declare that he is no longer crave for sweets.

“The last week is almost over. I get up easily and I have energy more than I need. It was a pleasant surprise. I did not think it would be this difference in my physical appearance. ”

He went back to the doctor to see whether progress has been made in case of his health. There was pleasantly surprised to learn that he lost eight pounds, his blood pressure decrease from 135 to 125, cholesterol has become lower by eight percent, and the blood sugar level was significantly lower than before.

A month without sugar, juices and alcohol, his conclusion was as follows: “The start was very difficult. But in the end I cleaned the body of sugar and now I feel very good. “