It can be added in a variety of teas and drinks, and you can put it in yogurt and sprinkle the fruit salad.

cinnamonNumerous studies have confirmed that cinnamon lowers both systolic and diastolic upper or lower pressure in adults reduces. “I would certainly recommend the inclusion of cinnamon in daily eating habits, but it will not only help in reducing blood pressure. Meals should be adapted to the health condition of the organism, and it is imperative exercise because no spice can replace it, “said the author of” The Diet SooperfoodsRr, “Wendy Brazilian.

Be sure to reduce your intake of salt and fat and increase the intake of water and healthy foods such as grains, fruits and vegetables. In addition to the familiar foods in the fight against the silent killer may well serve and cinnamon. Characteristic of this spice is that it goes well with apple pie, but is also useful for pressure control.