Aromatherapy uses essential because they may provide numerous health benefits.  These oils are starting to be explored by the scientific community for their effectiveness in treating cancer, HIV, asthma, bronchitis, heart disease and strokes.
essential-oil-fdaIt appears that the FDA is not too happy about this healing potential.  Therefore, Young Living and doTERRA both received letters from the FDA claiming that their products are being marketed as unapproved drugs.  The companies are being told that they have to remove all health claims and take corrective actions if they want to avoid serious legal consequences.  Considering past FDA threats, these consequences would most likely look like armed federal marshals ransacking their warehouses and seizing all of their products.

It is not the first time that the FDA attack companies that sell holistic products.  The FDA has sent warning letters to producers of walnuts, cranberries, elderberry juice, and coconut oil.  Both of these essential oil companies are network-based marketing companies, which provide a unique challenge for the companies such as FDA.

Companies view consultants as non-employees, while FDA believes companies have complete control of “paid consultants”

The point of view of the companies is a bit differently, stating that they have guidelines and restrictions on how their products can be marketed.  Both companies claim that their guidelines comply with FDA requirements, and that they have no control over how non-employees distribute the products.

doTERRA ignores these warnings.  Enthusiasts continue to state how these products help with everything from muscle pain to weight loss.  Some people are stating that these oils save them from antibiotics and doctor visits.

Social media is serving as a platform for enthusiasts to share their experiences, making statements about their lack of doctor and pharmacy visits.

Google searches for “essential oils” have tripled in the last two years, and searches for doTERRA’s name have quadrupled.  Last year’s convention had 18,000 people in attendance, and this year, the company is expecting 27,000 people to attend.  The company has not released finance information, but does report that their earnings have been doubling each year.

Time will tell how the FDA warning letters are dealt with by these companies.  What lengths is the FDA willing to go to in order to shut down these companies, halt essential oils, or put fear into the public and distributors?