We all use hair conditioners on a daily basis, but almost no one is aware that they can be used for so much more than just improving the quality of your hair. Here are 19 unusual uses for hair conditioners:

Shoe shine
If your shoes have ugly white lines on them in the winter due to the snow and salt, rub a bit of hair conditioner on the white areas to easily get rid of them.

Shrunk clothes
If you washed your favorite sweater and it came out of the washing machine shrunk, don’t be disappointed. Fill a bucket with water and add a tablespoon of conditioner in, then soak the sweater in the mixture and you can easily stretch it out afterwards.

Hand wash
If you have clothes that should only be washed on hand, just add a bit of conditioner and rinse them well before leaving them to dry to make them even softer.

Stuck ring
If your ring has stuck on your finger and you can’t get it out, add a bit of conditioner to the outside and twist the ring to get it off.

Make up remover
If you don’t have a nice make up remover, you can use hair conditioner for even better results.

Cleans make up brushes
Hair conditioners are the perfect cleaner for all your make up brushes.

Instead of putting grease on the squeaky hinges on your doors and ruining their look, use hair conditioner and you will no longer hear the dreaded sound.

Improves the quality of your cuticles
If your cuticles have overgrown, rub a bit of hair conditioner on them before pushing them back.

Shaving gel
If you’ve run out of shaving gel and need to shave your legs immediately, use a bit of hair conditioner for best results.

Hair static
If your hair looks like a mess, you can “calm” it down with the help of hair conditioner. It works just as good as gel and will help you prevent fuzzy hair when the air is humid.

Tangled hair
If your hair looks like a bird’s nest, mix some water and hair conditioner (1:9 ratio) and comb your hair through with the mixture.

Clogged drains
Pour some hair conditioner in your drains in case they’re clogged and rinse with water afterwards to resolve the problem.

Makes your laundry smell great
Put a drop of hair conditioner in your dryer to make the clothes smell great afterwards.

Protects against rust
Polish your tools with some hair conditioner to make them shine again.

Skin care
Take a bath in a tub full of warm water and add a bit of hair conditioner to hydrate your skin and make it softer than ever.

You can use hair conditioner to polish metal tools and appliances and give them a nice shine. Just remember to wipe them off with a clean towel afterwards.

Easily removes band aids
If you have band aids stuck on your skin, rub a bit of hair conditioner around the edges to loosen the sticky part and remove them.

Stuck zipper
If you ever have stuck zippers on your jeans, you can unstuck them with a bit of hair conditioner.

As you can see, hair conditioner has far more uses that can do so much more than soften your hair. Share this article with everyone you know so more people know about the interesting uses of the product.


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