aura-fieldIt may sound funny or bizarre, but they are all energy vampires. Because they literally do that: feed with another’s people energy. Exhaust and tire people, because they take energy from the people they are talking with.

You are probably wondering why they do this. Because they are empty inside. They do not have the courage to face themselves and solve their problems, to cope with their life so they feed with other people.

They attempt to fill the emptiness inside and therefore you can never demonstrate and explain them what they do – they are like a bottomless pit. These people are deep down unhappy and frightened. Most of them take off energy unconscious.

Regardless of whether they do it consciously or not, the result is the same – you are exhausted and they do it all the time. Just when you think they have changed, they start over.

You cannot help them. Give up this plan because it will be the same again.

How to defend yourself?

How can you prevent this situation? To begin with, you must realize that you do not owe anything to anyone.

Imagine if someone drinks your blood through a straw. Would you like to give, and you know that this person has enough of his blood and it’s simply because you have let this happen? Believe me; if you do not let that person to steal your energy, nothing will happen.

He will not die, but looking for the next victim. After all, by allowing such relationships you make impossible for that person to develop and look for the causes of their behavior in itself.  Maintain the status quo, which is bad for you and for her.

Thus, in the first place is the intention. The intention is very much felt among the people, even when they do not use words to say it. To prevent energy theft, you must be determined to make it. Do not be embarrassed because you should not be. I repeat, you did not owe anything to anyone.

Once you have decided to stop exhaustion and strenuous person which is tiring you, do any of the following items (all are effective, you will see which suits you best):

Cross the arms and legs (if you are sitting down, of course). According to people who understand body language, such posture is called defensive attitude. With good reason: time to distance yourself from your interlocutor, not just for the eye but also to the energy level.

Place your right hand over your navel and from there to the left. Also, this blocks stealing energy.

Visualize jar bell around you. Regardless of whether someone is sitting close or not, imagine yourself inside the glass bell that protects you.

One thing is almost incredible: once you do that, you’ll be surprised how quickly a person who steals your energy will find an excuse to get out. As soon as that person feels that cannot steal energy any longer, will immediately move!

Do not think that you should be nice and for any reason and continue the conversation: either shut up or just answer as short as possible. Do one of the above techniques and only smile and nod. As soon as the person sees that you have distanced yourself immediately stops communication.

The techniques will not be effective if you did not decide inside of yourself to prevent the theft of your energy. If you have any reason to think you need to continue the conversation with such a person, he will feel it and will not step away.

Also, do not be sad if this happens to someone whom you consider a friend, a person close to you. If this is the case, you should know that the relationship was not genuine.

Now you know how to stop it. The next time you meet someone who is tiring and exhausting, you know why this is happening. Prevent it and draw a line immediately.

It’s about your life and your energy and you are not obliged to give it to anyone.