Take this remedy every day and your liver will be like new in 90 days. Here’s how to make it.

It is known that the old traditional recipes are much better than expensive products. This recipe will help to regenerate the liver if you regularly take 90 days.JetraThe ingredients you need are natural, light amber, clove and domestic meadow honey.

Finely grate the amber and finely grind the clove. Pour one tablespoon in a liter of homemade honey and stir well with a wooden or plastic spoon.

Take one teaspoon of mixture every morning on an empty stomach for 90 days and the liver will be cleansed. Some people claim that they cured hepatitis C, and it is known how difficult it is to get rid of the disease.

Watch the video with the recommendations which food is best for cleaning the liver, if you want to improve the effect.