It is not easy to work when we are stressed or we feel upset. Although the food itself does not remove the anxiety, from some foods can be even worse, while others will seem reassuring.

When we are upset and stressed, if, for example, drinking coffee,  we will become even more nervous (since is act stimulating). Similarly will act and some other things that contribute to irritability (sweetened “cola” drinks, etc.) or other stimulants. In contrast to this, some foods contain substances that have a calming effect, and here they are.Tryptophan

This amino acid stimulates the production of serotonin, a hormone that facilitates relaxation and improves the mood. The foods rich in tryptophan are bananas, oats, soy, sesame, peanuts and milk. Thus, in periods of stress, it will help you if enrich your menu with these foods.

B vitamins

Medicine officially considered that the various B vitamins have beneficial effects on nerves and may contribute to the fight against anxiety. More specifically, the B vitamins do not reduce anxiety, but they help to deal with the consequences that stress and anxiety leave on the body. Good sources of B vitamins include almonds, beans, wholegrains, leafy green vegetables and seaweed.

Fatty acids – omega 3

Lack of omega 3 – fatty acids in the brain, some research associated with anxiety disorders. These fatty acids have many other favorable effects on the body, so it is not bad that we introduce preventive in nutrition olive oil, nuts and flax seed.

Complex carbohydrates

Saline is the fact that low blood sugar can lead to nervousness and anxiety. That’s why some psychologists recommend that before an important interview and examination, to drink some sweetened beverage. However, this is a short-term solution. It is better to achieve a stable blood sugar level, and with it, can help us eating a complex carbohydrate, which source is grains, fruits and vegetables. They slowly raise blood sugar level, which is also followed by a slower decline. In addition, the consumption of complex carbohydrates stimulates the production of serotonin, a hormone associated with relaxation and good mood.

High quality proteins

Less is known that our consumption of proteins can help us to alleviate anxiety. This council gives the American Association for the overall neural therapy. Consumption of high-quality protein is especially recommended for people who are prone to slumps of energy during the day and bursts of anxiety. The consumption of proteins helps as to maintain a fairly stable level of sugar in the blood, which is help during these states. Pulses rich in protein, such as for example beans, is boil long and act fairly “grounding” that it are a good choice in the mentioned cases.