Food is a fuel, and what you eat affects how your body works or reason to feel a bit lazy. What would be good to avoid?

Breakfast full of sugar:

Refined carbohydrates such as sugar and white flour, they can sharply raise energy, but in a short time comes to a drop in energy. Sudden leaps and raising of blood sugar consumed suppress production of chemicals in the brain that regulate appetite and digestive system. Therefore opts for a healthy breakfast which contain proteins.

Energy drinks:

Energy drinks affect on short terms. Actually interfere sugar level, which will fall even more than the original state before you drink energy drinks. Given that dehydrate the body, though it is better to reach into the water to put out thirst.

Fatty foods:

Simply put, greasy and fried foods are more difficult to process and digest. For the required internal digestive organs will pull blood away from the extremities that can last from six to eight hours. All that time you will feel unwieldy. Greasy food can also negatively affect on your short-term memory and muscle function.

Food with a small amount of iron:

If on your body lacks iron, then we assume that you will feel tired. For prevention eat more spinach steam cooked, lentils and pumpkin seeds.Red wine:

Glass of wine with dinner may seem like a good idea, but alcohol can take all your energy. Red grapes are rich in melatonin, a hormone of sleep. But do not use alcohol as a sleep aid, because disrupts the quality of sleep. Better you drink a glass of warm milk or juice from the cherries.

Skipping of meals:

Are you skipping meals? At that point the body behaves as if you are hungry and starts to save energy. All bodily functions are weakened, so and the concentration. Especially it happens during a hard working day. Therefore, mandatory you find time for breakfast and small snacks.