Pain in the ear can be a real problem. It is best to immediately visit a doctor to determine the exact cause of the pain.

Unbearable pain can be alleviated and prevented by using some ingredients that you already have in the kitchen.

Apple acid is a powerful antibacterial ingredient that can effectively fight infections.

Mix equal parts of vinegar and alcohol, then put 5 milliliters in the ear with a pipette and tilt your head sideways.

When you straighten your head in normal position, the pain will disappear.

Repeat twice a day. This will discard the excess wax from the ear and prevent infection.

This natural remedy will help clean ears and relieve the pain.

Following we present another natural remedy.

Slight pain in the ear 200 years old:

Open a nut carefully in half with a knife, the kernel is removed from one half of the shell and is filled with oil.

Carefully pour the heated hotplate to simmer about 1-2 minutes, taking care not to spill oil.

The shell of the nut will slip iodine which will unite the oil and thus will increase the healing oil.

It is collected with a syringe and should be gently drop in the painful ear.

The pain will be gone soon.