This is the story of a poor young man who was in love with a rich girl.

One day a poor young man asked a rich girl to marry her, and she replied: “Your month salary is equal to my daily expenses, so how can you expect me to agree to marry you?”

rejectedAlthough her words hurt him, the young man could not easily forget. Still he loved her. Ten years later, they met at the mall.

“Hey, you!” She cried. “How are you? I am now married and you know what the salary of my husband? 15 000 dollars a month, can you imagine that? And above all, my husband is very clever. ”

The young man was sad and barely held back tears listening to the harsh words of the woman he once loved. Soon her husband came. “Hey, boss, you’re here! And I see you’ve met my wife. ”

Then he turned to his wife: “Honey, this is my boss leading contracts worth $ 100 million. And can you imagine that was able to enrich in defiance of a woman. I heard that he loved her very much, and she hurt him. Imagine how good life would have the woman who dumped him. ”

The woman was speechless, she was shocked.

From this story we learn that no one should look down. And who are we to think that we are better than others. Cash is not a measure of happiness, nor the criterion by which we should evaluate someone.