Manufacturers claim that GMO potatoes produce fewer carcinogens during frying.

Many people all over the world already talk about the development of GMO potatoes. For this project was recently given the green light by the USDA – (Ministry of agriculture of the United States). According to the Real Pharmacy, the most widely used agricultural product, after genetic modification will produce fewer carcinogens during frying.

potatoSimplot, a company engaged in the development and production of the latest “delights” of GMO cuisine, will soon launch its product across stores in the United States.

Given the dangers that GMO foods created, it is good to know how to recognize it. Thus, GMO potatoes will reportedly produce 75 percent fewer carcinogens that form when frying potatoes and will be “resistant” to the brown spots that appear when peeled potatoes longer standing on the air. It will have less “bruises” in itself and will be fresh for longer.

Simplot Company, of course, claims that the product is healthy.

“This approval comes after decades of scientific research and development, testing health safety and testing fields,” they said in the company.

Although it sounds promising, do not forget that was the same with GMO corn, for which a number of alternative research has shown that it is harmful to health and causes cancer.