If you are going to sleep early in the evening, it could be a warning sign that you have heart problems, doctors warn.

Actually, experts who met at a conference in Rome, revealed that people who go to bed early often suffer from high blood pressure. They are also more likely to wake during the night.

Experts say that fatigue they feel early in the evening can alert you to high blood pressure, and going to the bed will not help you to decrease the pressure.

High blood pressure or hypertension, often has unnoticeable symptoms. However, if high blood pressure is not under control, it can cause heart attack or stroke.

The congress of the European Society of Cardiology study was presented by Japanese experts who had analyzed the situation of 2400 adults.

It was discovered that high blood pressure affects the internal clock of humans, makes them tired, but does not allow well and peaceful sleeping at night.

– Going to bed earlier at night is linked to high blood pressure, independent of all the rest. Probably it is because it affects the internal biological clock – said lead scientist of the study, Dr. Nobuo Sasaki.

However, staying longer in bed will not ease the pressure, and will not help better sleeping.

– Early going to bed can be a sign of hypertension. But if you go to bed earlier or later, it will not change the level of blood pressure – said Dr. Roji Ozone.


Source: http://nmd.mk/selectedarticle.aspx?cid=20254&scID=2134&l=63