Graviola is currently on top of the list of plants with anticancer effect, which in the future may have a big impact when it comes to treatment of cancer with the help of natural resources. In fact, modern research that was conducted on this Amazonian plant is promising, still little is known about what role graviola will have in the prevention and treatment of cancer. Firstly, for now it is not easy to say whether it would in this case be used alone plant, extract or a some combination with pharmaceutical agents against cancer. Then, what would be the manner of dosage, duration of treatment and similar.In any case irrefutably is proven that plant graviola has a strong anti-carcinogenic effects on the body.

In support of that graviola is a miracle of plants, speak scientific research in which it was recorded that it effectively kills cancer cells, and that, believe it or not, 10,000 times stronger than modern drugs used for chemotherapy. And not only that. Unlike chemotherapy, graviola destructive act only on the cancer cells so that at the same time leaves no harmful consequences for the organism or unwanted side effects. On the contrary, has a positive effect on the immune system.

Graviola (Latin name Annona muricata) is a plant that naturally inhabits the regions of Central and South America, from southern Mexico through Peru to Brazil. As growing concerns it suits her tropical climate and massively grown in North America and West Africa. While, for example, in the Israel Graviola tree can grow quite nicely, however, never bears fruits.

Graviola is an evergreen plant with mild and very pleasant flavor that reminds of strawberry yogurt combined with some exotic fruit, for example, pineapple and banana. For consumption is used fruit in fresh form or juice. For the treatment in use are almost all plant parts (bark, leaves, fruit and seeds).In Peruvian Amazonia the tea from the leaves of Graviola is used as a sedative and to treat diabetes.

In Brazilian Amazonia the tea of Graviola is known as a remedy for liver.

In India, it’s recommended for better sleep, the disease of bile, against cold and for rapid sobering up to drunks.

In Africa, it’s used as an analgesic and is often used in the treatment of children’s fever.

Ripe fruits of graviola are sources of vitamins C, B1 and B2 and phosphorus. The fruits and juice of graviola in these countries, traditionally, are used to treat fever, diarrhea and to stimulate the secretion of milk in nursing mothers.

Today it is known that the plant graviola besides that kills cancer, beneficial effect on the work to internal organs, is a good fighter against fungi, bacteria, parasites, relieves depressive states and calms the nerves.

Well now, how far it goes medicinal properties of Graviola and whether she is a truly miraculous plant of the future – time will show.

Note: If you sometime are in opportunity to make yourself a juice from Graviola keep in mind of the fact that before the plant fruit put into the blender carefully remove all seeds because they are quite toxic. They are used for the destruction of external parasites (moths, ticks, the larvae that inhabit in the carpets …).