Parents and guardians who abuse their children are usually cowards who forget about the idea to beat helpless children when they see a group of brave guys on motorbikes.Sons-of-AnarchyThe group of bikers known as BACA “Bikers Against Child Abuse”, protect children from abusive parents and guardians, or older children for years to, wherever and however they can.

BACA has 3,000 members worldwide, many of whom themselves were abused when they were children. Their mission is to how to contribute to ensuring that no child lives in fear.

– If a child is afraid to go to school because of harassment, we are here to accompany him, and if danger lurks out of the house, we can even sleep in the yard that would feel safer – said the leader of the biker group.

See how the members of BACA protect baby girl (9) and her mother, Karen, from the violent behavior of her father.

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