mapaIf you thought that acne is just cosmetic and dermatological problem, you’re wrong. Acne is actually a good indicator of your overall health, and whether everything is OK with the internal organs.

A healthy lifestyle, good diet and exercise in general may not eradicate acne forever, but will help you to feel good for a long period.

Acne can show you what is wrong in your body, and this method was invented by Russian healers, but also it is present in Chinese traditional medicine. This mode can preventively help, but it certainly is not a reliable indicator that you are sick.

Look in the mirror, look where you have acne currently, or remember where they usually occur, and look at the picture and see what organs and problems are associated with.

Forehead: If your acne usually appears on the left side of the forehead, it can be a sign that your digestive system does not function well, but also to have problems with urinary system, bladder and adrenal glands.

Acne on the right side of the forehead refers to problems with digestive organs, stomach, and adrenal glands.

Between the eyebrows: these acne usually occur when you eat late at night or eat spicy foods. It also suggests that there is something wrong with your liver or lactose is not proper for you.

On the surface of the nose: Acne in this area associate mostly to cardiac complications or genital-urinary problems. Red colored pimples on the nose can also detect hypertension, or are generally hormonal.

On the cheeks: this type of acne can be caused by smoking, allergies, chronic flu or low-quality cosmetics.

If acne is highly positioned on the face they are related to problems with sinuses and lungs, if acne appears at the bottom of the cheeks might indicate dental problems.

Acne on the chin indicates that something is wrong with your stomach and can be caused by a strong, spicy food.

Around the ears and eyes: Acne in these areas can indicate that you have complications with the kidneys or allergies.