When it comes to foods, superfoods and even nutritional supplements from China, we cannot say “organic” at all. “Organic” from China is largely a fraud. Here are the reasons…

First of all there is no limit to how much mercury, lead, cadmium, arsenic and aluminum is allowed in “organic” products.fruit-sellerUSDA organic standards have no limits on levels of heavy metals contamination of certified organic foods. There is no limit on the contamination of PCBs, BPA and other synthetic chemicals that are allowed in certified organic foods, superfoods and supplements.

“Organic” certifies a process of how food is grown or produced. It certifies that the producer doesn’t add pesticides, herbicides, petroleum-based fertilizer, metals or synthetic chemicals to the crop, and it certifies that the soil must be free from such things for a certain number of years before organic certification is approved.

The organic certification does nothing to address environmental sources of pollution such as chemtrails, contaminated irrigation water, and fallout from industrial or chemical factories that might be nearby. As well a certified organic producer can use polluted water on their crops and still have the crops labeled “organic.”

Therefore the environment in which organic foods are produced is critical to the cleanliness of the final product.

Organic farming in a clean environment produces clean, organic foods, and organic farming in a polluted environment produces contaminated organic foods. Be sure that China is one of the most polluted chemical cesspools on the planet. You can see it in the pictures which show some scenes from China, a country known as pollution nightmare..

Can you imagine that China is a nation that has virtually no environmental regulation enforcement? Yes, it is hard to believe, but in China, anything goes: you can dump mercury into rivers, you can spray raw human sewage sludge on crops, and you can produce factory-made chemicals and blow the waste products right into the air through smokestacks. In China, many rivers are very toxic.

In a country with virtually no environmental laws, “organic” food production is largely a fraud, because environmental sources contaminate the foods or superfoods being produced there.

There is also another reason: China is a communist regime. It is a country where all religion has been outlawed and the people are never taught ethics or morality. They have no moral compass. Across China, the majority of the population believes that the best way to get ahead is to cheat, lie and steal, even if it means harming someone else in the process. The do not care about others’ people health at all.

But please note that, if it comes to goji berries than the situation is totally different. If a food, superfood or supplement has my name on it, I will not use ingredients sourced from China unless I know and can VERIFY the end-product cleanliness of the product.

So if you see the “Health Ranger Select” brand or the “Storable Organics” brand, know that it’s clean and very carefully sourced.

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