Everyone knows that there is a time and place for nudity, but most people do not exploit this for health purposes. Did you know how much sleep without clothes is good for your health? If not, it’s the time to do so.

You will be rested

Did you know that your body temperature drops by half a degree when you sleep sound dreams? This is much harder to achieve when you sleep in a nightgown. Instead, fix your body temperature and release the nightgown.

It is healthy for your sex organs

Sleeping in underwear or a tight material can cause bacteria or even fungi infection. Allow your body to breathe.

Reduce your weight

Anyone who is overweight knows how hard it is to lose kilograms. Sleep and weight loss sounds too good to be true, but if you sleep naked, it can become a reality. During sleep you lose calories and sleeping without clothes is easier and more rested. Your metabolism in this way loses weight.

It balances and increases the hormone melatonin

These chemicals help the body to prevent or slow down aging, which is essential for good health. When you sleep in your clothes, your body warm and prevents the effective use of these hormones. In other words, when you sleep in your clothes, the faster you age.

Helps regulate cortisol

Cortisol is a strange chemicals in the body that can cause a lot of damage. When you sleep naked, body temperature becomes optimal, so that the body can produce enough cortisol. If cortisol is too high, this leads to anxiety, weight gain, and the like.

Helps maintain healthy skin

Your body needs to breathe. Your private parts, underarms and feet are usually covered during the day and do not have air. This can reduce the risk of skin diseases such as athlete’s foot, produced by the skin moist.

Your partner will like it

Let’s be honest, who would not want to sleep next to a naked partner? Even if you feel unsafe, it will be like. This also helps to have more intimacy and touch, as well as freedom.

A great way to get rid of stress

If you sleep without clothes, you will feel much easier and more relaxed. This is also the product of a healthier sleep and feelings of physical well-being.

Be fresher

Can you imagine how it looks fresh wake up in the morning? No nightwear you can wake up with a sense of purity, because you will sweat less. Also make sure that it become a routine where you will not waste time in coating.

More comfortable

How often do you wake during the night because of irritable uncomfortable clothing for sleep or itching? It’s hard enough to have pillows and blankets over yourself. No pajamas sleep is much easier and have more contact with the night air.

You will get specific glow

Although it is not clear why, but people who sleep without clothes look better the next morning. Probably the combination of good sleep, purity, and that during sleep reject dead skin and hair, hydrating the skin during sleep.


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