Did you know that garlic and onion have multiple applications? They can be eaten fresh, can be added to food in order to achieve better taste dishes can be used for cleaning the grill…

luk-u-uhuIn addition, onions and garlic may be used as a remedy for various health conditions. Yes, they can be used to treated colds, fever and flu-like symptoms.

If you ever feel pain in your ears, try an old trick.

Take the onion, cut it and take only the central part of it. Put in your ear before you go to sleep and in the morning you will feel much better.

Onions will soften ear wax and make it easier to clean it. Onions will help to reduce ear infection that causes pain.

kromidIn the same way you can use garlic, which has long been known as a natural antibiotic. Clean the clove of garlic and place it in the painful ear and go to sleep.

Putting onion on foot is a practice that comes from ancient Chinese medicine.

The ancient Chinese found that there are thousands of nerve endings on the soles, which are access points to the internal organs and the entire nervous system.

Once the foot is coated onion, it kills germs and bacteria, because the onion has powerful antibacterial and antiviral properties. Phosphoric acids found in the onion, that make us cry when we cut onions, gets into the bloodstream and contributes to the purification of blood throughout the body. Therefore, the body becomes healthier and ready to deal with infection and inflammation.

Treatments with onion and garlic are what you need for your body. They’re cheap, completely natural and can be applied at home.

The only downside of this treatment is a strong smell of onion and garlic.

If you do not mind the smell, try these treatments, you will not regret it.