Many natural health experts have criticized the treatment of Johanna Budwig, stating that it is unrealistic and is not suitable for the treatment of cancer.

The essential components of this treatment include various dietary needs, and plenty of sun. According to her, these are the main things for the renewal of one’s body.

Dr. Andrew Weil criticized the Budwig diet, saying that cancer is just a wish.

However, her diet was successful in resolving 90 percent of various cancers in Germany, a total of 4500 suffering from cancer. Some of them were even terminal phase.

Her diet consists of two kinds of food: cheese and linseed oil. The basic diet is consisted of quark and flaxseed oil. Quark is a white cheese with a crunchy texture, similar to ricotta, mainly used by the Scandinavian countries, the nations of the German-speaking countries, most in Eastern Europe.

Her diet includes a lot of exposure to sun and stress management.