Helen Bond, a consultant for dietetics, decided to make a photo series that will visually present how look 100 calories from certain foods or drinks given that people often have no clear idea how many calories are hidden in one meal, drink or sweet pleasure.27 strawberries200 ml natural orange juiceBoiled egg medium size (57 g) and a small piece of bread125 ml white wineOne apple and a cluster of grapesThree tablespoons low-fat hummus, 8 carrot sticks and 8 cucumber sticksWalnutsOne apple and 125 g yogurt with low fatOne and a half slice of baconHalf a piece of Kit Kat8 dried apricots80 blackberriesFour and half Brazilian walnutOne tablespoon of sunflower seedsOne tablespoon of low-fat hummus of oat crackers and 10 thin slices of cucumberA medium-sized bananaOne Piece (78 g) integral bread and a tablespoon (5 grams) of peanut butter4 peaches20g cheddar cheeseTwo pieces of biscuit with fruit jelly overlaid with chocolate1/3 (85 grams) of muffins with blueberries220 ml of beer150 ml chocolate milkshakeOne tablespoon  dried grapes8 carrot sticks and one spoonful of tomato salsa