The lymphatic system is a complex system whose role is to transport the lymph throughout the body.

Lymph is a clear fluid that includes various waste and white blood cells and helps in detoxification of the body. This is possible by a network of lymph nodes and lymph vessels, located just below the skin.

limphSince the system is independent,  lymph so may over time to slow down and weaken.

If this happens, it can come to burden the digestive system, piling up of waste products and excess fluid accumulation which leads to bloating, or – false overweight.

That is why the lymph should be helped to move against gravity. If the lymph does not circulate smoothly, swollen feet appear, especially if they have a sedentary lifestyle.

Some people are born with fewer lymph nodes and have more problems with accumulation of fluid in the body when there is inflammation.

However, there are four ways that you can help the lymphatic system, and thus to help and detoxification.

  1. Being physically active

The only way to improve lymphatic circulation is to move more, massage or exercise: muscle action puts pressure on peripheral blood and lymph vessels. The most effective form of exercise for moving lymph: jumping rope, jumping on trambolina or simply jumping in place.

  1. Lymphatic massage WITH DRY BRUSH

You will significantly improve lymphatic circulation through lymphatic massage with dry brush with fine bristles. It is recommended to do this massage everyday.

This way are removed dead skin cells, so the body can more easily excreted toxins released through the pores. It is important to know that the dead cells can close the pores and thus reduce the effectiveness of the sweat glands. Brushing the skin you will remove dead cells that constitute a kind of waste.

One of the reasons why people develop inflammatory joint problems is actually the accumulation of lymph. Cellulite is also a condition that is exacerbated by the deterioration of the lymphatic circulation.

  1. Add powdered root of herb MANJISTHA IN YOUR Detox tea

In your detox tea put one teaspoon of this wonderful powder if you have a problem with the lymphatic circulation.

  1. Add guggul in your diet

Guggul is a powerful detoxifier, and when your body is ready for it, this herb can do amazing things. Guggul increases the secretion of hepatic enzymes responsible for detoxification, increase the efficiency of liver roads for detoxification.

Guggul is also good in the breakdown of fats and helps release toxins that are soluble in fat.