How to make our home space clean and safe again?

Have you ever been in a situation where you have dark stains on the wallpaper, the curtains, shower stalls or joints in the bathroom? Most likely it is a fungus or mold, and may pose a threat to our health. Also, these are the indicators of excessive moisture in our living spaces.tricksWhat fungi and molds need to develop?

  • A certain amount of moisture
  • Certain ambient temperature
  • Contact with oxygen
  • Specific fertile soil.

What to do?

And while there are many ways and means to cope with this problem, many stand out as the best and most effective (or at least the easiest to use) – one hundred percent alcohol. If you do not have or cannot get one hundred percent alcohol expert recommendation is to use at least 80% alcohol, since alcohol is also diluted by the dampness to which it is applied. Other resources for combating mildew and fungi which are very well known but their use is not so generally recommend are: 5-percent solution of hydrogen peroxide (not as effective as ethanol) and household cleaners with chlorine, which require professional use as chlorine in this form of adverse effect on human health.