Erika Schwartz, MD, examined the cures and treatments of an older man.

The man was suffering from excess weight, low testosterone levels and levels of thyroid disorder due to advanced stages of eczema which caused unbearable itching.

stitThyroid hormones are the result of thyroid function, which is endocrine-butterfly shaped gland is located in the lower front of the neck.

Its main function to regulate the metabolism and provides energy, but it also has a significant impact on the whole body, as it helps the organs to function optimally.

The most common problem associated with the thyroid is hypothyroidism – condition of underactive thyroid, the gland that does not produce enough of the hormone to regulate the necessary functions of the body.

Dr. Schwartz argues: “At the end of the day, we suffer because we treat individual symptoms rather than looking at the body-to-person as a whole.

However, hormone imbalance can be restored to normal by making some important lifestyle changes. At first, consume raw foods, regular exercise, promote healthy relationships; and try to reduce stress.

Thus, you are required to properly take care of things that are explained above, it is easy to determine the root cause of a health problem, and thus find the right natural treatment.

Dr. Schwartz commented: “There are a million reasons why I cannot sleep at night. I need to look out for them and take responsibility for improvement. ”

For proper thyroid function, regardless of what’s wrong with it, cabbage will certainly help.

A few months eat cabbage salad of green cabbage, a few times a day, put cabbage compresses on your neck and coat with the cloth also several months. Healthy life and this advice will return to normal thyroid gland, and you will even burn excess weight very quickly.