Many people tend to buy garlic and onions in large amounts. Unfortunately, they end up throwing it up because it has gone bad before they even get the chance to use it. If you are one of those people, this article is perfect for you. It provides some tips about preserving these ingredients and make them last much longer.

Once you notice the little green sprout on the top of the garlic or a little mold on the onions, it means that they have already gone bad. This is the perfect timing in case you mean to plant them. However, the majority doesn’t plan to grow them and use the only for eating instead.

You will need the following ingredients in order to store the garlic & onions, so that they could last much longer.

  • Firm and Blemish free garlic and onions
  • Brown Lunch Paper Bags
  • Paper Clips ( used to keep the bags closed)
  • A hole punch


The first thing you should do is to punch the bags. You can do this to your preference or all the way to the upper half of the bags. Fold the bag a few times and then punch in a row, while leaving a space of 1 inch between the punches. The final result is having multiple rows of holes.

The other way of doing this is by holding the bag lengthwise and punching along one of the sides. In the meantime, you need to flip the folded bag over and punch the bag along the other edge, approximately 1 inch between the punches. Don’t bother if the holes are perfect or not because they serve for ventilation only.

Then, fill the bag up to the half full and fold it over the top, while labeling it and paper slipping it with the top down.

The holes that you will punch will make air circulate around the vegetables, and the bag will serve to preserve the garlic and onions and make them last for longer period of time.

You can still keep the onions and garlic in the same drawers you have normally done before. However, make sure not to crowd them. You can use regular plastic bags in order to keep the bags upright and make enough room for the air to circulate. Place the bins on cabinet shelves or pantry.

There are various factors that contribute to the effectiveness of this method. Whether the garlic and the onions will last longer or not depends on the light conditions, the temperature and the humidity of the storage place.


  1. No Potatoes Close to your Onions and Garlic

The potatoes give off gases that will make the onions and garlic go bad faster. Make sure you don’t keep these two ingredients in the same drawer.

  1. No Closed Plastic Bags

An open paper or plastic bag is definitely a better idea. The thing is, if you store these ingredients in closed bags, there won`t be enough air and the lack of air will cause faster spoiling and sprouting.

  1. No Refrigerating

Don’t refrigerate the onions and garlic and store them in a dark and dry place, such as basement instead. The cold temperature in the refrigerator will only soften the onions and will also give off their flavor to the rest of the products in the fridge.


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