We can all be with a little-swollen stomach after eating, but if days go by, the weeks go by and this inflammation does not go down, it means that there is something wrong with our digestive system.

These problems are usually treated with a rigorous diet but if we really understand why this problem originates we will not be able to stop it forever, but while the treatment is being done.

We recommend you pay attention to these reasons because perhaps one of them can be adapted to your situation and you were worried thinking it was something much more serious.

These are the most common reasons why we have a bloated stomach

Food Intolerances

Although not many give the necessary importance to things, the reality is that we can be intolerant to different foods and we continue to consume them, regardless of whether they give us a little stomach ache, or acidity, among other symptoms that are not good at all.

A classic example is those that do not process gluten well, so not only can the stomach be swollen, but they can also present rashes, among others.

The way to solve it is to perform a food sensitivity test, in many of the hospitals near where you live can do it without the major inconvenience and maybe even the insurance cover.

Everything will be on a diet that looks for alternatives for this sensitivity problem that you are presenting.

Processed foods

It sounds interesting and a little strange but it is simply that there are many foods that although we do not taste it that way, they have too much salt or sugar, so they deteriorate our organism quickly.

One of these examples is the so-called light or zero, as the soda or versions of everything we like but with the promise that it will not increase weight.

If you want to solve it, we recommend that you introduce vegetables and fruits to your diet in each of your meals, in this way you can create as a mattress for your body that can expel the toxins.

Eat very fast

This is seen more than anything in teenagers or workaholics and is that according to nutritionists we need at least a half an hour to eat calmly, zero laptops, zero answer emails or be watching the cell phone with something that can stress us.

When we eat our brain is dedicated to processing food so if we put more activities the digestion will not be so optimal.


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