We can often read how kefir healthy is, and thanks to it, the Tibetans live over 100 years, but also that purchased kefir is not as effective as domestic kefir.

kefirI have strained kefir through a plastic strainer every night. There were kefir grains in the strainer.

Then I have the rinsed well the grains with cold water while I have not washed them well of milk and curdled milk deposits.

When kefir grains are well washed, they are placed in a glass jar, and then pour cow or milk of goats that is previously warmed at room temperature.

The mixture should be covered with cloth and left in a dark place in the house for 24 hours. After 24 hours, the kefir should be strained and drunk.

I was drinking kefir every day for a month.

The week after I have noticed that my pants are a little bit “more comfortable” at the waist and the third week I realized that my stomach is much thinner. The scale showed 3 kg less!

Given the fact that I have not changed in the diet, but an addition of kefir, these “welfare” I attributed solely to kefir.