Who would even imagine that such a simple thing can make you fall asleep so fast?

spavanjeWe all sometimes have troubles with sleeping, that is, we cannot fall asleep. Such a condition can prolong for a longer period of time, and then it is already becoming a health problem. Of course, everything can be solved with pills, but you must admit, it’s not the healthiest solution. That’s why we bring you this trick. It costs nothing, it is not harmful for the body, and can help. Try it.

Look at the video and follow the instructions. You need to breathe through the nose for four seconds, then take a break for seven seconds, put the tongue along the palate and breathe out with the release of the sound as in the video, lasting eight seconds. Look at the video.


Source: http://www.telegraf.rs/zivot-i-stil/2188073-ako-ovo-uradite-s-jezikom-zaspacete-za-sekund-video