None of us knows when he can have a heart attack. So this is good to know, just in case…

heartWe hope that you will never find yourself to have a heart attack, but if it happens, it would be good that you yourself or someone else you can help before professional help arrives.

When it comes to myocardial infarction, most people – once the symptoms start – panic and after a few seconds to fall into unconsciousness. However, there is something you can do yourself to save a life, even in such a short period of time.

First, call an ambulance, and secondly, start to force you cough!

Strong and deep cough, without stopping, in a period two seconds, extending the exhale – can do much to help.

Look at the video and see exactly how should cough:

Deep breathing brings oxygen into the lungs, causing coughing movements that create pressure on the heart and keep circulation.

The pressure on the heart helps restore normal sinus rhythm, which can be crucial that a person gets to the hospital alive.