A one new study conducted at the University of Berkeley indicated that the grapefruit juice could even replace metformin, a drug used for diabetes type 2. This fruit helps to lower blood sugar, but also and the prevention of weight gain.Since the 1930s, the consumption of grapefruit associated with diet, when this method was slimming trend in Hollywood. However, so far, have not done enough precise research as grapefruit really helps. Now scientists on mice studied the link between the consumption of grapefruit cultivation. Two groups of mice were fed with a high fat food, one group was given a thick natural grapefruit juice to drink, and the other just water. The researchers found that the group of mice which received grapefruit gained 18% less than the other. What is more interesting, mice who drink the grapefruit juice had healthier levels of glucose and insulin in the blood as well as fats triacylglycerol as compared to the group that drink the water.

Although scientists cannot explain exactly how it works grapefruit, as in the words of Andreas Stal, the leader of this research, the juice of this fruit contains many active components, these conclusions are irrevocable because scientists often repeated this test and each time received the same results.

Finally, one group of mice was given the metformin, a drug used to lower blood glucose in type 2 diabetes, while the second group of Naringin, substance which gives to grapefruit its bitter taste. At the end, the effect of which is achieved drug metformin and grapefruit juice, to the lowering of the blood glucose was the same. “This means that the natural fruit juice is effective in lowering blood glucose as well as the drug from pharmacies,” commented one of the authors of the study, professor of nutrition and toxicology Joseph Napoli.

Important note: grapefruit juice should not be taken if you use certain drugs, because it can lead to serious health consequences. The list of drugs that should not be taken simultaneously with grapefruit juice, look at this link.