This, at first glance, an ordinary photography, in fact, reveals the fantastic, logical and fair organization of a pack of wolves.wolvsThis is not just an ordinary photography of wolves; it has a secret – revealed fantastic, logical and fair organization of a pack of wolves.

Although, at first glance, seem to be an ordinary photography each of wolves has its own place in it, and with good reason.

The first three wolves, namely, the tablecloths snow, are the three oldest, sickest and weakest members of the community. They dictate the pace and, in case they run into danger will be the first sacrificed. To go to the end of the column, it would probably be so backward that would be lost and were easy prey.

Behind them goes the five strongest and best wolves from the pack, which form a sort of reconnaissance and behind them somewhere in the middle are 11 female wolves. Behind them are five wolves to guard the female wolves, and at the end of the column, almost isolated, is the leader of the pack, which is so far away and has an excellent overview of the entire column and keeps everything under control…