If you are suffering from a serious illness, you fell immunity, you need a tool to accelerate your recovery, or simply you just want to revitalize your body.japaneseThis is the right thing for you!

“Water crystals are known by name Tibicos, Japanese crystals, water kefir, pearl tears, Caspian algae…etc.

Medicinal fungi of the WATER kefir:

  1. It regulates the exchange of defense substances in the body (i.e., enhances lymphocyte production that serves to defend our body against disease, especially serious diseases such as AIDS, cancer…)
  2. Treats diseases of the heart, regulate blood pressure (high and low), and breaks down cholesterol in the veins
  3. Heals the pancreas, liver and spleen
  4. Cures gallbladder, bile ducts cleaned, duodenum and dissolves gallstones
  5. Heals the stomach and bowels, establish regular digestion and cleans the bowels of unexploded cluster
  6. The fungus produces antibiotics and cures inflammation of the body, also prevents inflammation
  7. Heals diseased kidneys that are not working at full capacity
  8. Undermines the development of new metastases and destroys old
  9. Revitalizes body eliminating fatigue, drowsiness, lethargy.
  10. It helps with impotence caused by stress, lack of vitamins, minerals…
  11. It helps in removing all symptoms of stress, such as hair loss, oily or excessively dry skin, cracking nails, etc.
  12. Helps against skin diseases, psoriasis, fungal infections, viral infections (HPV), a bacterial infection
  13. Helps with mosquito bites, wasps, bees and various insects
  14. It helps with vaginal problems (for women with frequent vaginal infections – fungal, bacterial, viral)
  15. Heals neurological problems, insomnia, relieves symptoms of severe mental illness
  16. Assists in the formation of red blood cells, and is suitable for various forms of anemia, heavy periods … etc.
  17. Helps in the removal of excess liquid from the body
  18. Encourages the growth of platelets and heals wounds faster as suitable for diabetics
  19. It helps in removing bad bacteria from the body and removes successfully fungi, especially Candida albicans


The crystals can be used in various ways. Here I will describe the most common.

  1. Pour 4 tablespoons sugar in a jar of two liters (allowed brown sugar, but white is the best for breeding).
  2. Insert the crystals in the water; just enough to cover the bottom of the container, i.e. 5 to 6 tablespoons of crystals (do not use a metal spoon, only plastic or wooden)
  3. Insert 7 raisins (or any dried fruit, depending on your desire- dried figs, prunes).
  4. If desired, put a halved lemon, which is not necessary but is used only for the taste of the liquid that you will drink later (also can be used some other fruit, such as oranges, tangerine…etc)
  5. Cover the jar, counting that we have to leave the air flow and the lid is pierced several holes (jar kept at room temperature)
  6. Fermentation lasts from 24h to 72h (depending on whether you want a stronger or weaker kefir, since I cultivate it for many years, I recommend you start with 24h, that you body gets used to the new material, and after a month at 48h, …etc).
  7. Upon completion of the fermentation, strain this composition, the liquid that we got put in a clean bottle and drink during the day
  8. The crystals are washed and repeat the whole process with the exception of raisins (dried fruits) that are changed once every 7 days


If we want the fungus multiplies rapidly sinking more sugar, if you put less it will reproduce slower.