A simple recipe for a refreshing drink that is perfect for breakfast, snack or dinner, and is made from  groceries which are in favor of good skin, body weight and reduce of cellulite.The ingredients are:

Yogurt – perfect affects on fats in the body and regulate digestion.

Forest Fruits – powerful antioxidants, full with vitamin C that stimulates collagen production, which protect the skin and immunity.

Ginger – strengthens circulation, tightens and rejuvenates the skin, relieves spasms and removes the pain in muscles.

Banana – contains large amounts of potassium, which regulates water retention in the body, which otherwise is the cause of cellulite.


In a blender, place 2dl cold yogurt and if you want to add some ice cubes.

Add the mix of forest fruits and 1 banana, and mix all together and serve in a glass.

Because of the strong flavor of ginger you must not exaggerate. Is enough to add a one fresh piece to the size of a bean in the shake.

Optionally, you can put a little honey, cinnamon or mint, and ground almonds are also a good addition.

This shake is drinking fresh as soon it is prepared.