According to statistics, 1 in every 20 people develops kidney stones at least once in their lifetime.

If you have experienced this situation you know how painful it can be when the stones pass through the urinary tract.

kidneyLuckily for you we have 1 ingredient – recipe that will help you to get rid of kidney stones in less than 10 days.

This natural remedy is cheap and easy, but it is very efficient.

“Millet” is a very healthy and nutritious cereal which is very helpful for our whole body. When it comes to this particular medical condition, millet have the power to dissolve kidney stones, sand and silt that is built up in the kidneys and bladder and detoxify kidneys.

Here’s the recipe:

Natural cure for kidney stones


  • millet
  • 2 liters of water

Before going to bed, wash millet and leave it overnight in a bowl of warm water. In the morning, pour it into a bowl and pour 2 liter of boiled water over it. Cover the pan with a lid and leave it again soak in warm water. In the evening or the next morning, stir the millet, and then drain the liquid. Pour the drained liquid in a glass bottle and keep it in a cool, dark place.

Drink this millet juice every day for 10-15 days, as long as you can (at least 250ml daily).

Once you have made this drink do not throw millet that you used because they are very nutritious and healthy. You can prepare yourself a nice breakfast of millet. Cook millet for about 15 minutes in 3 cups of water and add a little honey and dried fruit or chocolate and you’ve got a tasty and healthy breakfast.