As much as somebody thought that weight loss is the ideal solution for one problem, though it can sometimes be a nightmare.

saloShow on the “TLC” channel is researching effects caused by the sudden loss of weight. The show is following twelve people who face the consequences of losing unwanted pounds. Megan is one of the candidates who openly showed dissatisfaction after losing unwanted pounds, and here’s why.

Megan Boeh (34), before she underwent treatment weight loss, she had 195 kilograms. After the operation for the reduction of the stomach she lost almost 100 pounds of weight. At moment when the show was filming she had 93 kilograms of which nearly 20 kilograms of bio excess skin on the abdomen, back and arms.

– I hate my skin. I feel disgusting and nasty. I would like to get rid of excess skin – desperate stated in the show.

Although the difference is really noticed when she is dressed, though, when she takes her clothes of she has too much skin that is depressing her.

Her daily life is hindered because of this. It is necessary that the baby powder to be applied daily to the skin areas which overlap in order to prevent the rash, itching, irritation and even infection.

Although she knew that excess weight can be fatal to the health and deadly, after weight loss, however, regretted.

She says that the process of recovery after surgery is not scary, but struggle with excess skin is a living hell.