Usually children suffer of inflammation of the ear the most, but also adults. Pain can occur in one ear or both ears, but usually the pain is concentrated on one side.earIt can be constant or occasionally occurs, but it is always dull, sharp or burning feeling created.

If you have an ear infection, fever and temporary loss of hearing, first visit the doctor to get appropriate treatment.

In young children, this problem is manifested through their behavior, they are often irritable, tearful, touching the ears, so to eliminate the possible problem, call your pediatrician.

Among the common causes of ear inflammation are: infection in the ear, pressure change (such as when flying with airplane), buildup of ear wax, foreign object in the ear, streptococcal throat infection of sinuses, shampoo or water captured ear, the use of cotton buds for cleaning the ear.

This is an amazing natural home remedy, which will ease your pain and infection in the ear. This incredible cure is called salty magical sock. It is actually a white cotton sock filled with coarse sea salt, which is put on the sore ear.


  • Clean white sock
  • ½ cup coarse sea salt

Note: It is important to use a white sock as colorful socks or socks contain substances that are flammable. Such material will melt when heated socks.

Therefore, to not risk such problems, use white sock.

And again, when it comes to salt, you should use coarse salt, because if you use finely ground salt, you risk that to penetrate and runs through the sock. It must be sea salt.


First, fill the sock with sea salt and tie it with a knot at the end. The sock should be large as your palm. Heat the sock in a clean pan, over medium heat, about 5 minutes.

Make sure you have warmed sock equally from all sides, so shake it occasionally.

Preheat it to be hot, but not burning to the touch when you put it on your palm.

Put it on the sore ear, fix it with a scarf if it’s necessary, so lie down for 20 minutes.