Calendula ointment, prepared according to this recipe is universal. It is used as a medicine and for cosmetic purposes.

For many, it is known that calendula ointment has antiseptic, antibacterial and regenerative properties.

This ointment excellent fit to children, so it is used against the rash and dermatitis.

For breastfeeding is a lifeline for treatment of cracked nipples.

This ointment helps with cuts, burns, insect bites, and fungal diseases. Moreover, great fights with skin inflammation, eczema, scars, and varicose veins that generating venous network. It is very effective for fatty facial skin, and acne – reduces sebum secretion, clean and tightens pores.

If you have a rough and chapped skin – this ointment will be of great benefit.

The recipe for a miraculous ointment of calendula


10 grams of beeswax

120 ml oil of calendula

2 baking dish

It is recommended that you buy beeswax at beekeepers, calendula oil in herbal pharmacies. Otherwise, for the preparation of ointment, use domestic calendula oil.


Unite oil with wax and put in an enamel sauce pan, on steamer, on the quiet fire.

The mixture is necessary to stir constantly until complete dissolution of wax. When the mixture is homogeneous pour on a table and let it cool. Ointment is ready, if there is consistency of cream. If the ointment is too thick, add more oil, if is sparsely – wax.

Pour the mixture into a clean glass jar and leave it to cool. After you close with lid keep in refrigerate. Lifetime is one year. If is necessary, make a larger amount.