Jason Statham, an actor, who will next year celebrate his 50th birthday, and still looks formidable.

One of the reasons why his muscles are so sculpted, is and his interest in sport, which he has since he was a kid. He played football, but he was also part of the British National Swimming stature for 12 years. In the end, he became a member of an agency, which took him to the world of modeling.

jason-stejtam-1Jason, who has been practicing kung fu, karate and boxing, was under the strict regime of nutrition and training. He said that 95% of his food is healthy food, and only 5% are foods he consume from time to time. He also states that it is essential to sugar and starch are not consumed in the afternoon. The reason for this is that these calories will be much harder to spend then, but it’s better to eat these foods in the morning, to make them our daily routine burned during the day.

In an interview he revealed that he eat muesli, fresh fruit and oatmeal or poached eggs for a breakfast.

For lunch, he allows himself a little more, but the meal is strictly controlled:

– I am certainly not a vegan, but there’s a vegan restaurant that I like to go, as they have excellent steamed vegetables and brown rice. When this kind of food entering the body, you feel really good.

He also argues that it should not be eaten after seven o’clock in the evening and that these foods should be rich in protein. He suggests chicken, fish and beef, with vegetables and salad. He also emphasizes that it is very important to drink at least three liters of water a day, with a waiver of fruit juices, which are full of sugar and alcohol.

It is quite shocking that the actor succeeded to adhere to such a diet his whole life and has never faltered and lost sculpted muscles, by which is well known.

When it comes to training, Statham believes that the different sets of exercises are crucial to the work of all the muscles and achieve better results. He adds that the need to write down the results, because it is inevitable that we will become faster and stronger. Therefore, for motivation and progress it is need to write the number of repetitions of each exercise.


Source: http://www.moj.ba/lifestyle/jelovnik-dzejsona-stejtama-ce-vas-sokirati-18-godina-jede-ovo-da-bi-zadrzao-trbusnjake-115765.html