The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that chronic diseases like arthritis, stroke, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer are the main causes of disability and death in the United States.

But, a large percentage of chronic diseases can be prevented. Most chronic diseases are associated with lifestyle and dietary choices that are within your own hands to change. Becoming more physically active, following a healthy balanced diet, avoiding alcohol and tobacco could help reduce your risk of developing many of these conditions and diseases.

Also, even if you already suffer from arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, cancer or any other chronic disease, eating plenty of nutritious foods and getting regular exercise, whether it is walking, jogging, or swimming, can help you manage your illness effectively, prevent complications as well as prolong your life.

In fact, poor lifestyle choices, like poor nutrition, excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, insufficient chronic stress relief, and physical inactivity are the major contributors to the progression and development of preventable chronic diseases, like type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, high blood pressure, and many cancer types.

Although doctors suggest healthful behavior to help manage or prevent a number of chronic diseases, most patients aren’t prepared to maintain or start these healthy changes. A great number of patients understand the reasoning behind healthy lifestyle choices even if they do not actually perceive the disease processes, which could occur when they do not maintain healthy lifestyle habits.

But, you can make healthy lifestyle changes with adequate interventions, such as exercise training, nutritional counseling, and stress reduction techniques. This helps enhance outcomes for you if you are at risk or you already suffer from any chronic disease.

Consuming raw, organic veggies can provide numerous health benefits. This means that if you consume more fruits and veggies as part of an overall healthy diet, you are likely to have a decreased risk of many chronic diseases. Keep in mind that raw, organic veggies and fruits provide nutrients essential for health and maintenance of your body.

The beverage recipe presented below can also boost your energy, detoxify your liver and colon, improve your digestive health, and enhance your vision.



  • 4 oranges
  • 2 carrots
  • 1 beet

Note: You should use raw, organic ingredients in this recipe for maximum benefits.


All you need to do is add all the ingredients to the juicer and serve.




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