Oyster is exceptionally delicious mushroom that we can find ourselves in the nature, but we can also successfully grow. In the world oyster is known by name forest oyster.

During the winter our immunity is endangered. It appears anemia, elevated cholesterol  and triglycerides, lumbago and numbness of extremities. Nature at this time gives us mushrooms  that as a dietary supplement will help us to reduce or eliminate these problems.Oyster contains essential amino acids, vitamins  B1, B2, B5, B6, B7, vitamin P and numerous minerals. Oyster proteins in their composition are similar to animal. Due that contain a large percent of carbohydrates and only about 4% fat.

The main carrier of the mushrooms  is complex sugars – polysaccharides. Among them, is an important beta-glucan, which is located exactly in an oyster. This helps in reducing the level of cholesterol and triglycerides. If drained oyster is added in an amount of 4% of the total daily diet, the level of cholesterol for 2 months decreased to 65-80%.

The anticancer  activity of beta  glucan,  it is remarkably strong.  It reflects to the stopping of growth of  the tumor, whether  to use such as oyster or only as extract (a preparation that contains this saccharide). The dose of 0,1 mg / kg to 0,2 mg / kg beta glucan shows remarkably significant effect of withdrawal of the tumor.

The stimulation of the immune system with the mediation of beta glucan as an aid in the use of a particular  therapy noble shortens the time of  the illness and gives more  chances  for recovery.

In China, where it has been described since in Sung Dynasty (420-479), it’s used  for  pain  relief and muscle relaxation. Except  that, is  used in the  treatment of  lumbago, numbness  of the limbs and tendons as well as in the treatment of  poor circulation. The recommended  dose for  the treatment  is 3-9 grams oyster during  the day.

Finally,  it  can  be concluded that oyster is valuable mushroom for nutrition and as an aid to cure for certain diseases. Whether you use one that is grown or enjoying in the nature to go alone in the search of  forest oysters,of  course  for yourself  you will do the best.