Sometimes, when a man is too tired, after insomnia and nervous tremors, the pain occurs in the legs and arms. Sometimes it is unbearable the patient cannot even sit nor lie down.

However, you should not rush with tablets.

Make a salt bath (for one bath – 2 kg of sea salt) or bath of pine needles. Make the water hot as much as you can withstand, if your heart is healthy. If not, let it be moderately hot. Spend 20-40 minutes in a bath and relax, think of something pleasant. After the bath, drink a glass of warm water or tea from the soothing herbs with honey and go to bed. For three days, the pain completely disappears.

Leg pain

In a 2 dl bottle put a piece of camphor, fill one-third turpentine, one-third of olive oil and third of wine vinegar. Shake before use and rub on painful areas until the skin remains dry. Overnight rewind these areas with cloth of pure wool.

Leg swelling

To remove this interference, drink flaxseed tea: 4 teaspoons seeds in 1 liter of water, to boil for 10-15 minutes.

Let it stand in a warm place for 1 hour. It does not have to strain it and drink half a cup every 2 hours, then 6-8 times per day, almost hot. Excellent results are achieved for two or three weeks.

Legs to be lighter

When you hurt your feet, be sure, every night, take foot baths. Take two containers. First, place your feet in hot, then in worm water. After several minutes warm water replace with cold. Do this several times, and then wipe the feet with ground flax. In the summer walk barefoot on a wooden floor or on the grass. In winter immediately after bath put a woolen socks.

In boiling water, add always tea from pine, friction of hay, oak bark, chamomile and mint with Celandine. You can add only salt, preferably sea, not refined.

Through a week or two you will forget that you feet hurt at all, your feet will be lighter and you will walk a lot and with pleasure.

Even better is if the bath combined with feet exercises. Draw circles with the feet, bend and exercise wrists and fingers, pull up on fingers and get back on heels. All this contributes to the feeling of easiness in the legs.