People usually get tired their eyes with long-term watching TV, working on the computer or reading in poor light conditions.

Here are some ways to alleviate dark circles, redness of the eyes and to relax.

1. Red eyes: if your eyes are irritated only because of lack of sleep, long looking at a computer monitor or stay in a room with a lot of smoke, it is enough to put warm compresses of linden tea.

2. For tired eyes 1: In one liter of water plunge 40 grams of rose petals and leave to settle. You can use the faint petals submerged in the hot water, because they have the same effect.

3. For tired eyes 2: Cook tea of rosemary, strain, pour into the ice tray and freeze. Take a few ice cubes of rosemary and mix with 2-3 tablespoons of milk. Soak a cotton ball and hold for about ten minutes on the eyelids.

4. For dark circles: Chop cucumber, drain the water and put in a cotton cloth and then on the eyes. It can be used potatoes instead of cucumber.

5. Chamomile tea in filter bags is quick solution to your dark circles. Brew tea in water, then leave the bags in the refrigerator and cool them, apply to the eyes. This should be done more often to see improvements.