The sinus become ill after a common cold, causing headaches, and is especially dangerous when developing abscess accompanied by a fever. In that case, stay at home a few days, applying the proposed methods of treatment.Twice a day put on both sides of the nose a bag with hot sand or boiling hard-boiled eggs. Several times a day snuffle a lukewarm salt water or mild tea of chamomile or plantain. In addition, drink lots of tea of lime, raspberry or currant.

The next day, cook the potatoes in shell and drain the water. Lean over the bowl, cover your head with a towel and exudes the hot steam as long as possible.

When you go out, make sure that your forehead and nose are protected from the cold.

In chronic sinus disease and prolonged fever is recommended long chewing honeycomb in which is the honey. It is good and for the gums, and it is very healthy.