The potion for removing plaque in blood vessels – Natural remedyIngredients:

– 30 peeled cloves of garlic

– 5 not peeled lemons

– 1 liter of spring water


– Whole lemons overnight and in the morning leave in salt water

– Dry lemons and cut into pieces

– All blended in a mixer, add 1 liter of water and cook it: let to only one heats up.

– Drain and pour into a bottle

– Keep in cold

Drink one cup (50 ml) per day, before the main meal.

After three weeks of therapy you should make a break of eight days, and then start another three-week therapy. Only then can achieve true real effect

This cheap, safe and curative treatment can be repeated every year.

Unpleasant smell of garlic nobody feels, and operation of garlic and lemon has gained a confession.

How promising supporters of this therapy, after three weeks of daily consumption are notes youthful recovery of the entire body. Clogging and side effects, for example, in vision and hearing, is withdrawn and somewhat completely disappear.

A person can get around the planned operation of the heart because were removed fats in the blood and plaque in blood vessels. This drink can be applied in periodontal disease. People that have suffered from clogging can again sleep peacefully.