Sleeping is so much more important for our health than most people think of. It’s actually a method with which the body repairs and heals itself, while keeping the function of the organs under control. Many processes occur when we sleep – the organs and cells are replenished and certain important compounds are synthesized so we can all get up full of energy and prepared for the challenges of the day ahead.

Of course, due to their different biological nature, sleeping is a different process for men and women. We all think that we need about 8 hours of sleep overnight, but science has recently proven that women need even more. According to recent neurological studies, 8 hours of sleep overnight is not enough for women. The brain activity of females is higher than that of men, so they require more rest.

Furthermore, the studies have shown that the so-called restorative or beautifying sleep is not a myth. Getting proper shut-eye overnight will make your skin look better, which is definitely more important for women than men. If you’re a woman and reading this article, make sure to get more than 8 hours of sleep overnight. It is vital for your health and your looks as well.