After a busy day, the bed will become our best friend. Hardly wait to lie down and tucked under a warm blanket, but what we do not think is what is actually located under the duvet.

Experts warn that our bed contains millions of tiny organisms that can harm our health. Mattresses, quilts and pillows eventually become repositories of human skin which will be subsequently collected mites and other bacteria.

These tiny creatures invisible to the human eye, can cause a large number of allergy or exacerbate existing ones. However, in addition to mattresses and pillows, threatening to the health are the sheets which also contains microorganisms that may trigger diseases such as food poisoning or chronic temperature.

“On average, people lose about 45 grams of the skin, and most of it ends up exactly on the bed which is an ideal place for dust mites. Just the warmth of the bed in contact with our body allows them easy living. Studies have shown that there are more than 10 million per bed, “explains Dr. Lisa Eker, an expert on home hygiene.

According to her, the most mistakes when you go outside the house or apartment, and leave the windows closed. Thus, all the moisture, dust mites, fungi and bacteria remain in the space.

“If you settle the bedding, every morning before going to work – you’re wrong. If you coat warm bed, mites you can find unforgettable fun, “said Dr. Lisa.

Dust mites are harmless by themselves, do not harm the human body too much, but what makes us sick are their feces. They cause allergy reactions in our body and attack our respiratory system.

They cause many skin reactions such as dermatitis, and very often are the main cause high body temperature. According to the findings of experts, 80 percent of asthmatic patients their disease can be attributed to mites.

“They may cause allergic rhinitis, cough, or cause dryness of the body and eyes. They are one of the main causes of poor sleep, “said Lisa.

When you suffer from flu or cold with a high temperature usually rest in bed, experts warn that at this point the mattress becomes a fertile ground for the development and reproduction of dust mites, bacteria and other microorganisms that can later cause a range of diseases.

They cannot be removed even by washing.

To prevent development of the disease, not to buy new mattresses, pillows and other every two years, but the doctor recommends regular vacuuming.

“It would be good not to have carpet under the bed, as it only exacerbates the situation. Regular ventilation of the rooms will also help, it will get some fresh air, and dust mites and other harmful pests will pull the fly out there, “she said.

It is known that in alpine areas, people put the sheets on the windows.

“Linen is necessary to wash at least 60 degrees, some detergents contain disinfectant, so we should sometimes wash our linen with them” concluded Dr. Lisa Eker.