All organs in our body are really important, all fulfill a specific function that make them useful for our body functions. One of them is the pancreas which always ignore when we should be aware of it as well as others, as it also plays an important role in our body.


pancreatic-cancerThe pancreas is responsible for many functions in the body, specifically in the digestive system because it secretes enzymes that go directly to the small intestine to facilitate intestinal transit, and also in the endocrine system that releases hormones such as insulin, all go directly to the blood.

However, one of the dangerous diseases that typically affect this valuable organ is the pancreas. This time, the cancer appears as a malignant tumor inside that can grow to such an extent that disables the functions of the body, including the disease may spread and involve other organs.

This is the reason why in this article we share the symptoms usually appear if our pancreas is affected by the disease, which is important because the earlier you detect the disease, the more chances you have to fight the disease.

Know the symptoms of malfunction and possible cancer of the pancreas

Among the symptoms that we can know when something happens with the pancreas, we can mention below:

  • Unexplained weight loss, that is, you’re losing kilos without being exercising or dieting for it.
  • Fever.
  • Your skin, eyes and other tissues begin to turn a yellowish color, like you padecieras of hepatitis.
  • Presence of pain of moderate intensity, located mainly in the upper abdomen and it also affects the back.

We must be very aware of these symptoms because pancreatic cancer can not be cured, but we can prevent development if we know the bodies in time and act.