It is not bad to apply some solutions.

Experts have long found that if the child is healthy then the fever should not be a reason for concern. If your kids still have temperature that makes them not to feel comfortable then you can do something, but it is important to know that if the child has temperature and fever more than three days should not be avoid to visit pediatrician.

beba1Fever in children can be reduced in five minutes with this method.

Brandi water

Pour a little brandy in water, soak gauze into the mixture and put in the socks. The child should be removed layers of clothing, covered by a light blanket and let it rest.

Hot bath

The water evaporates from the skin, and begins to lowering the temperature and all this by means of a warm bath. Do not use the cold water, as it can cause the opposite effect, that is, in this case, temperatures may rise.


It is also very helpful to put grated fresh potatoes in the socks.

NOTE: If your baby is younger than three months and has a fever you should see a doctor, but if there are more serious symptoms such as discomfort in breathing is also wise to consult a doctor because it is a warning that indicates a serious bacterial infection.