Tibetan medicine is very widespread throughout the world, just because of the fact that in this area people experiencing the deepest age. People are interested in the Tibetan customs and normal for traditional Tibetan recipes, so connoisseurs of alternative medicine offer more products that are healthy and which is believed that continuing the life. Here’s a tea that is regularly used in Tibetan medicine, and is very effective for the body.Necessary ingredients:

– 2 liters of water

– 5 grams of grated ginger

– 2 huge tablespoons of fresh lemon juice

– 2 huge tablespoons of natural honey

– 1 pinch of ground hot pepper

– 1 pinch of anise


Put water on fire. Leave to boil for 5 minutes, after the expiration of this time move the water from the fire and leave little to cool down. All of the above listed ingredients now add one by one into the water. Allow the mixture to stand covered until completely is not cooled, then the fluency that was obtained from this mixture is ready for consumption. It is very important to not add the ingredients in hot water. The water needs to be cooled to a degree that would be only lukewarm and then to add the ingredients, to not lose their medicinal substances.


This tea is best to consume throughout the whole day, and it slug by slug to certain distances. It can also be consumed and a small cup half hour before each meal. According to the recipe, 2 liters of fluid need to split to three people, and it is the optimal daily dose.