It is believed that Asians are slim thanks to the philosophy of the food which they consume, and that includes the classification of food into smaller plates or bowls, which are never filled to the brim. Doctor Colin Campbell wrote a paper The China Study, in which the Asian diet turned into a plan for weight loss. And that is how was created the Asian diet.

japaneseThe main food on the menu is Asian rice, and there are fruits and vegetables. Rice sometimes you can replace with something else: corn, whole wheat bread or whole wheat noodles.

Eat carrots, lettuce, spinach, chard, kale, garlic and onions, or fresh or cooked and seasoned with vinegar and oil every day. Also, you can every day eat nuts, fish, soy, fresh cheese and yogurt.

Once a week it is allowed to eat meat of poultry, eggs and sweets. However, instead of candy is better to eat fruit or cream cheese with honey and nuts, or, for example, dark chocolate with 75 percent cocoa.

Only once a month can afford red meat. It is recommended that you rarely eat veal, beef and pork in particular. Permitted foods, and their list is lengthy, you can eat in quantities that satisfy your appetite.

Meals on the menu are not precisely defined, which can lead to confusion those who are not familiar with Asian cuisine, and foods that Asians generally use.

The menu can be changed, but be careful with the calorific value of the meal. Here is example for only one day of the diet, after which you can make a plan for the other days.

Asian diet causes lose three pounds in 10 days.

Proposal menu

Breakfast: Boiled millet in skimmed milk and a cup of unsweetened green tea with lemon.

Snack: chopped fruit in a low-calorie yogurt. Alternately, orange or grapefruit and green tea.

Lunch: Brown rice with steamed vegetables and tomato sauce. Another option is a baked potato and chicken you’ll spice lemon and vinegar.

Snack: A cup of skim milk, chamomile tea or green tea. For those who fell hunger after that it is advised to take one more orange or grapefruit.

Dinner: Chicken cut into small cube-like pieces with broccoli and other green vegetables. Prepare the chicken with a little oil and season with lemon and a little C spice.

Dinner No. 2: (valid for those who go to bed late): A cup of milk or tea.