According to some statistics and research between 5 and 15% of people who can be considered healthy have SIBO. Furthermore, 8 out of 10 individuals have SIBO.

People who claim to have bowel problems, feel bloated and uncomfortable, regardless of the food they consume, often have SIBO.

gasAnd what SIBO is?

This term is used to describe excessive growth of bacteria in the small intestine. The level of bacteria is low when the stomach is working properly.

Pain or gas? Constipation or bloating? Excessive bacteria in your bowels might be the reason.

People affected with SIBO typically have high levels of bacteria in the small intestine. If everything is normal, these bacteria should be located in the large intestine. Excessive bacteria fed the remains of food in the small intestine before food is completely dissolved and nutrients absorbed. Their feeding leads to pain, bloating, diarrhea, constipation and gas.

Excessive growth of the bacteria can cause inflammation, which has a negative impact on the lining of the small intestine. Because of these specific nutrients such as vitamins A, D and B12 are absorbed in small amounts.

What causes sibo?

The reasons for this situation are several. It could be due to birth control pills, antibiotics, antacid drugs, or excessive amounts of alcohol and small amounts of stomach acid.

How SIBO is detected and diagnosed?

A test that shows the presence of SIBO is breath testing. This test assesses the amount of methane and hydrogen produces bacteria that is released from the lungs.

Before the test people need to drink fluids on the basis of lactulose. In fact, this is a sugar that can be dissolved only by bacteria. When bacteria “eat” lactulose, they release gas that gives us a clear view of the presence of methane and hydrogen in the body.

How to deal with SIBO?

In order to solve SIBO need to find the right way to get rid of and eliminate the excessive growth of bacteria that occurs in this part of the digestive system.

Of course, there are many medications to relieve this condition, but are fullwith chemicals and, in fact, you only need to allicin, which can be found in the products of nature as in the garlic, oregano, berberine, an extract from olive leaves and other similar plants with strong antimicrobial properties

You can also use additives and special enzymes to weaken the defense mechanism of bacteria.

Changes in diet are always a good start. If you can, then follow a diet based on small amounts of fermentable food that is recommended by many people..

After each treatment, make another breath test in order to see your level of bacteria and to make sure that the problem is solved.